Register a one person company – One Person Company Registration in Coimbatore

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How to register one person company in India?

Small business entrepreneurs can set up a one individual organization (OPC) without offering their benefits to another person. They can enlist with only one shareholder with limited administrative expenses and different necessities. Prior to this an individual use to fill in as a sole owner and their business had no different legitimate status in India. Presently OPC can assist them with working together as an endeavour and offer them a chance to begin their own endeavour. The way toward setting up a one individual organization is same like a private limited company with little contrast in regards to designation of someone else in the event of death of the proprietor. Anybody keen on shaping a One Person Company, can frame such organization by following the strategies of registration with their state ROC. What is your exact need?. Here we discuss about Register a one person company – One Person Company Registration in Coimbatore in this article.


While forming an OPC it’s not needed to specify the name of first director in the Article of affiliation. The proprietor who is an investor or supporter of the update of affiliation will be treated as the first director of the company.

After incorporating of One Person Company, it is obligatory for the organization to plainly determine “one person company” inside section beneath the name of the organization, any place its name is printed, engraved or fastened.


Examined duplicate of PAN Card/Voters ID/driving permit or identification

Copy of most recent phone bill/bank proclamation.

Scannedpassport size photo.

Specimen signature.

Examined copy of offer deed/property records in the event that business is run in self-possessed property.

Scanned copy of legally approved tenant contract and no protest authentication from land owner in the event that business is run in another person’s premises.


1: Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

To begin an enrolment interaction, you should apply for the computerized mark of the proposed director for the proposed OPC. This is on the grounds that every one of the archives for one person companies are recorded on the web and are needed to be carefully marked.

2: Director Identification Number (DIN)

To proposed an One Person company the individual or the assigned director, who is planned to be assigned director should apply for the DIN (Director Identification Number)

Prior it so happened that people who needed to apply for DPIN (Designated Partner Identification). Presently needs to apply for DIN rather than DPIN, each individual who will be delegated as an assigned director needs to apply for DIN.

3: Reservation of Name

Form 1 is petitioned for the booking of name of proposed One Person Company. Rundown of organization names intently taking after names of existing organizations/OPCs dependent on the hunt rules topped off is given to you. This will help you in picking names which isn’t like previously existing names. You need to give six names in the request for inclination in Form 1. Organization name will be supported according to government standards.

4: Incorporation of OPC

Form 2 is the application form for the joining of the One Person Company. You should remember following focuses while documenting Form 2.

Every one of the subtleties to be filled accurately without help from anyone else.

The form should be carefully endorsed by an individual named in the joining archive as an assigned accomplice having DIN.

On the accommodation of the form, on the off chance that the registrationcentre gets fulfilled, they will enlist the proposed OPC.

It requires 15-20 days for the One Person Company registration subject to government preparing time and accommodation of fundamental reports.

5: File OPC Agreement

With every one of the reports joined to Spice Form alongside Spice MOA and Spice AOA will be transferred to MCA site for endorsement. Upon fruitful endorsement of form, Form 49A and 49B will be created for the PAN and TAN age of the Company which must be transferred to MCA in the wake of fastening the DSC of the proposed Director.

On effective confirmation, the ROC will give a Certificate of Incorporation and we can have our own business.

Single Promoter

In India, One Person Company is the only one corporate element that can be begun and worked by a solitary advertiser with limited responsibility security. These corporate type of legitimate business substance guarantees that OPC has unending presence and simple proprietorship adaptability.

Separate Legal Entity

One Person Company works as a different legitimate element with a limited risk security however it has a few impediments. Like each One Person Company should select a Director who will turn into the proprietor of the OPC on the off chance that the sole Director is debilitated.

Limited Liability Protection

Numerous new companies in India need to acquire cash or they take things on credits. As a result of limited responsibility of one individual organization, just the venture made in business will be a misfortune however every one of the individual resources will be protected.

That implies the individual resources of the directors are protected on the off chance that anything turns out badly with an organization or the organization fails. While in ownerships and organizations, your property and individual investment funds would be in danger on the off chance that in the event that you feel to pay the banks obligations or credits. Assuming you need to begin your own single individual organization, this is the right decision for you.

Empower Funding’s

In India, One Person Company helps new companies business person, to test their plan of action and upon the effective structure of market items they are fit to move toward private supporters. On their effective items on the lookout, they can get required assets from private supporters.

Claiming Property

An OPC works as a different legitimate element with a limited responsibility security, so no Person or Partner can make any case upon the property of the OPC insofar as the OPC is a going concern.

Besides, you have full oversight over the organization being just a solitary proprietor, this prompts quick dynamic and execution.

Continuous Existence

One Person Company should select a Director who will turn into the proprietor of the OPC in the event that the sole Director is debilitated. That implies OPC has ‘ceaseless progression’, which is a proceeded with presence of the OPC if there should be an occurrence of proprietors passing. It proceeds to exits.

Simple Transferability

The responsibility for One Person Company can be handily moved to someone else. The business can be moved to someone else by essentially moving offers. In an OPC the responsibility for business can be moved by adjusting the shareholding, directorship and candidate director data.