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One Person Company (OPC) Registration

The idea of One Person Company in India become delivered through the Companies Act, 2013 to aid marketers who on their personal are successful of beginning a undertaking through letting them create a One Person Company familiarly known as OPC . One of the largest benefits of a One Person Company (OPC) registration is that there may be simplest one member in an OPC, at the same time as at the very least contributors are required for incorporating and keeping a Private Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). Similar to a Private Limited Company, a One Person Company is a separate legal entity from its promoter, imparting restrained legal responsibility safety to its sole shareholder, at the same time as having continuity of commercial enterprise and being clean to incorporate through online.


Though a One Person Company registration in India permits a lone Entrepreneur to perform a company entity with restrained legal responsibility safety, an OPC does have some limitations. For instance, each One Person Company (OPC) should nominate a nominee Director with inside the Memorandum of Association (MO) and Articles of Association (AOA) of the Company – who turns into the proprietor of the OPC in case the only Director is disabled. Also, a One Person Company should be transformed right into a Private Limited Company if it crosses an annual turnover of Rs.2 crores and should document audited monetary statements with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs on the stop of every Financial Year like several forms of Companies. Therefore, it’s far crucial for the Entrepreneur to cautiously bear in mind the capabilities of a One Person Company earlier than incorporation through Online.

OPC in India

The idea of One Person Company registration in India become delivered through Dr. Jamshed J. Irani in his Report on Company Law dated 31 of May, 2oo5 . As in line with the report, Dr. Irani encouraged that with the growing use of records generation and emergence of a robust provider region in India, it become time for the Government to empower marketers who on their personal are able to growing thoughts and taking part with inside the marketplace. He cautioned that marketers who on their personal are successful of beginning a undertaking have to now no longer be made to do it thru an affiliation of persons, and have to be capable of create a One Person Company (OPC) with inside the shape of ‘One Person Company’. Further, it become additionally cautioned that such an entity can be supplied with a less complicated regime through online exemptions in order that the individual entrepreneur isn’t forced to burn up his time, electricity and assets on procedural matters.
This brought about the advent of “One Person Company” with inside the Companies Act, 2013, which were given its assent with inside the Lok Sabha on 18 December 2012 and with inside the Rajya Sabha on eight August 2013. After acquiring the assent of the President of India on 29 August 2013, it has grow to be the Companies Act, 2013.

Benefits of One Person Company

Till the creation of One Person Company in India, the Limited Liability and Continuous Existence characteristic become best to be had to an affiliation of humans together with a Private Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership or a Limited Company. With the creation of One Person Company, the constrained legal responsibility and non-stop life characteristic is now additionally to be had for One Person Company, that’s an entity with simply one member. As One Person Company has simply one member, it’s miles necessitated with the aid of using the regulation for the individual member of the Company to designate some other individual with inside the Memorandum of Association, who at the occasion of subscriber’s loss of life or disability shall turn out to be the individual to contract. This mechanism presents a guard to make sure non-stop life of the entity even in case of incapacitation of the single member.
All organizations in India are required to preserve an annual popular assembly every year, further to another conferences and now no longer extra than fifteen months have to elapse among the dates of next annual popular conferences. One Person Company registration in Coimbatore is exempt from retaining an annual popular assembly or amazing popular conferences. The decision signed with the aid of using an individual Director and entered into the mins e book is sufficient, in lieu of a General / Extraordinary General Meeting.
Every employer in India is needed to put together and report monetary statements that consists of stability sheet, income and loss account, coins waft assertion, assertion of adjustments in fairness and explanatory notes. In case of online One Person Company registration , coins waft assertion isn’t required.

Online OPC Registration Process

Before exploring the idea of a one individual , allow us to have a quick expertise of the diverse sorts of organizations that may be fashioned. A employer may be set up for a lawful cause with the aid of using the subsequent range of members:

  1. Seven or extra members, in case of a public constrained employer.
  2. Two or extra members, in case of a non-public constrained employer.
  3. One individual, in case of a one-individual employer.
    OPC Requirements
    Unlike a non-public constrained employer, a one person company registration has sure regulations related to its incorporation. Hence, earlier than beginning an OPC registration, its crucial to apprehend the restrictions and make sure the promoter is eligible as according to the Companies Act to sign in a OPC.
  4. Only a natural individual who’s Indian Citizen and resident in India can comprise OPC.
  5. Resident in India approach someone who had resided in India for a length now no longer lesser than 182 days with inside the earlier calendar year.
  6. Legal entities like Company or LLP can’t comprise a OPC.
  7. The minimal permitted capital is Rs 1,00,000.
  8. A nominee should be appointed with the aid of using the promoter throughout incorporation through online.
  9. Businesses concerned in monetary sports can’t be included as a OPC.
  10. OPC should be transformed to a non-public constrained employer whilst paid-up percentage capital exceeds Rs.50 lakhs or turnover crosses Rs.2 crores.
    Thus, a one person company registration in Coimbatore may be fashioned with the aid of using an Indian citizen who has his/her presence in India for at the least 182 days throughout the without delay previous calendar year. A individual can comprise now no longer multiple OPC. Finally, an OPC is against the law from having a minor as its member.
    Nominee in One Person Company
    The regulations for incorporation of one person company in Bangalore names for that the only member of a One Person Company have to consist of the namel of a nominee with inside the Companies MOA, who will adopt the entity after the expiry or disability of the former. Moreover, the record should include the written consent of the nominee, which should additionally be filed with the Registrar throughout incorporation along side the MOA and AOA.
    Withdrawal of Consent
    The nominee is entitled to withdraw his/her consent, wherein case the only member is needed to appoint some other member as a felony inheritor inside 15 days of the attention of withdrawal. The nomination of latest employees should be intimated to the Company via a written consent in Form INC-3. The Company, in turn, is needed to report the attention of withdrawal of consent along side the intimation of the brand new nominee with the Registrar in Form INC 4.
    Change of Nominee
    The sole member of a ‘One Person Company‘ is empowered to extrade the nominee of the Company for any cause whatsoever, with the aid of using imparting observe in writing to the Company. Again, the brand new nominee should consent to the nomination in Form INC 3, and the Company should report the attention of extrade and consent of the nominee with the Registrar along side the relevant fee, inside 30 days of receiving online the intimation of extrade.
    Nominee Appointment
    If a nominee turns into in-fee of the only individual employer because of the cessation of the authentic member’s time period as a result of the loss of life or disability of the latter, the brand new member should hire a nominee as a replacement.
    If a One Person Company registration or an officer of such Company isn’t compliant with the desired regulations, the entity or the officer will incur consequences which might be as excessive as Rs 10,000. Further, the penalty can be improved with the aid of using a first-class of Rs 1,000 for every day of default.

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