Documents needed for One Person Company Registration in India

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One person company registration in India

One Person company is another and exceptional idea acquainted by Companies Act 2013 with support little dealers and business people. OPC gives the advantages of an organization type of business, even to a solitary individual. Measurements show OPC is set to get one of the most favored types of business associations by little brokers. OPC is a help for the business person and generally safe specialist organizations. One Person Company registration in Coimbatore states that according to Companies Act 2013. Section 2(62) OPC is characterized as an organization which has an individual as a part. It’s a unique sort of organization which permits the just a single proprietor to begin a business under Private restricted structure with no other prime supporter. What is your exact need?. Here we discuss about Documents needed for One Person Company Registration in India in this article.


To shape an OPC, an individual who is a resident of India and he or she has remained in India for 182 days during the quickly past monetary year. Notwithstanding, one individual can’t frame more than one OPC or turn into the candidate of more than one for such an organization. Far off nationals can’t enroll an OPC in India.

Documents needed for one person company registration in India

One Person Company registration in Coimbatore states that according to new process of incorporation presented by the Ministry, the Bank Account no. will be made alongside the consolidation of the OPC. In any case, after fuse, certain necessary reports will be submitted with the Bank for the operational working of the Account. In light of the Reserve Bank of India’s KYC standards, you will require the accompanying records to open the organization’s financial balance. For the registration, One Person Company registration in Coimbatore needs

Articles of Association of the One Person Company

Reminder of Association of the One Person Company

One Person Company registration in Chennai needs a duplicate of the copy for opening a ledger for the sake of the OPC.

Photocopy of PAN distribution letter

Also One Person Company registration in Coimbatore needs Confirmation of the Director(s)

Further, you should validate all duplicates with the seal of the organization and marks.

The utility bills like water bill, gas bill, bank statement.

Passport size photograph, DIN, DSC

Registered office address. If the location is on rent, rental agreement is also required and NOC from the landlord.

Advantages of OPC

1. Restricted Liability

One Person Company registration in Bangalore states that the directors’ very own property is consistently sheltered. The liability is restricted and the personal assets are not touched.

2. Constant Existence

One Person Company registration in Madurai states that Sole Proprietorship reach a conclusion with the demise of the owner. As an OPC has a different legitimate personality, it would pass on to the candidate director and, along these lines, keep on existing.

3. More prominent Credibility

Further One Person Company registration in Cochin states that as an OPC needs to have its books evaluated every year, it has more prominent validity among merchants and loaning establishments.

Objective of One Person Company registration in Coimbatore

A portion of the significant highlights of an OPC are as per the following-

It is a Private Company

Section 3(1) (c) of the Companies Act explains that for every legitimate issue, an OPC will be considered as a Private Limited Company. All overarching rules pertinent to an Indian Private Company will be powerful for an OPC too.

Chosen one

At the hour of the One Person Company Registration, the main individual from the OPC should make reference to a candidate.

No interminable progression

After the passing of the main part in an OPC, the candidate will get the alternative of dismissing or deciding to succeed him as the sole part. This is rather than different organizations as they pass by the technique for never-ending progression.

No base settled up capital

The Companies Act has endorsed no sum, specifically as the base settled up capital for a One Person Company.

Various directors

An OPC needs to have at least one chief and can have a limit of 15 installed. It needs to document a goal to expand the quantity of chiefs.

Unique benefits

The Companies Act presents certain insusceptibilities and benefits on an OPC, which privately owned businesses are not qualified to acquire. These are as per the following-

Section 92 of the Act expresses that even the chief can sign the yearly returns of an OPC. An organization secretary isn’t important.

Section 122(1) of the Act expresses that the laws in S.98 and S.100 to S.111 are not material for OPCs. Along these lines, OPCs are not lawfully important to adhere to the laws administering Executive Meetings and General Body Meetings. OPCs need not hold Annual General Meetings. The choices from the Board Meeting will meet consistence guidelines in the event that one registers the equivalent in brief book, the part records and recognizes it.

Merits of One Person Company registration in Coimbatore


Straightforward and simple progression systems

As one registers for the name of the candidate while making the OPC itself, the progression systems are genuinely basic here. Be that as it may, after the demise of the sole part, all the advantages and liabilities gathered by the OPC are given to the chosen one with no extensive legitimate methods, just like the case typically with sole ownerships.

Assurance of Limited Liability

On account of an OPC, the obligation of as far as possible just to the installment of the membership sum. Accordingly, the individual resources of the sole part are not put to hazard. Thusly, you can consider the OPC course in the event that you hope to restrict your own risk.

Same lawful status as that of a private restricted organization

As OPCs are like a Private Limited (Pvt. Ltd.) organization by the Companies Act, it’s simpler for such organizations to improve banking offices. This likewise gives the OPCs better acknowledgment and status in their specialty industry or market.


Only one person is required to start OPC. A one-person firm is suitable for small companies where the turnover is around Rs. 2 crore, and the maximum capital is Rs. 50 lakhs. An OPC can have more than one director. However, one of them must be an Indian resident. OPC can be registered only by Indian citizen and FDI is not allowed in OPC.