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What is DIN?

DIN is a unique Director identification number allotted with the aid of the Central Government to any person proceeding to be a Director or a present director of a business enterprise like One Person Company.


It is an 8-digit unique identity number which has a lifetime validity. Through DIN, info of the administrators are maintained in a database.

DIN is precise to a individual, which means that even if he is a director in 2 or more corporations, he has to obtain most effective 1 DIN. And if he leaves a business enterprise like One Person Company and joins a few other, the same DIN might work in the other corporation as well.

Director Identification Number (DIN) as the name suggests ‘identify’ the directors, whether or not current, proposed or new, electronically. It is a unique identification wide variety (such as 8 digits) that allows in representing the directors on a commonplace platform and maintaining all the statistics associated with them in a database. Once allocated, it could be valid for lifetime until deactivated or cancelled. A director can hold one DIN irrespective of the variety of companies like Private limited company, Public limited company, LLP, and One Person Company he’s a director in.

To keep away from any frauds and to cross-verify the valid identity of directors, the Government has added the DIN. The authenticity of such people can be verified with the intention to their names, addresses, contact details, One Person company in which the character holds the directorship etc., as this they’re required to provide the relevant files for acquiring the variety consisting of PAN, voter ID, all utility bills now not older than 2 months.

The provisions for DIN are given below Section 153 to 159 of Companies Act, 2013 study with Rules nine to 11 of the Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2014.

Where is Director Identification Number (DIN) used?

Whenever a return, an application or any data associated with a One Person company may be submitted under any law, the director signing such return, utility or information will mention his DIN beneath his signature.

How to apply for DIN and applicable forms?


1. SPICe Form:

Application for allotment of DINs to the proposed first Directors in recognize of New corporations shall be made in SPICe Form handiest.

2. DIR-3 Form:

Any person proceeding to end up a director in an already existing employer of the Company shall need to make an application in eForm DIR-3 for allotment of DIN.

3. DIR-6 Form:

Any changes within the details of the directors shall be filed in Form DIR-6

To follow for DIN, the above bureaucracy are to be filed electronically. It needs to be digitally signed and then uploaded at the MCA21 portal (http://www.Mca.Gov.In/mcafoportal/login.Do).

Documents to be attached with the Form?

1. For SPICe Form:

Attach Proof of Identity and Address Proof. DIN would be allocated to an applicant simplest after approval of the form.

2. Form DIR-3:

A. Attachments:

Photograph, Identity evidence, Residence evidence, Verification (Name, father’s name, gift address, date of birth, text of assertion and physical signature of the applicant)

In case of Foreign nationals (Non-resident in India (NRI), they’re required to publish their passport as an identity evidence.

B. Documents to be attested by way of a CA or CS or CMA

Photograph, identity evidence and residence evidence should be attested with the aid of a Chartered Accountant or a Company Secretary or a Cost Accountant, in entire time practice.

In case of Foreign nationals, their documents can be attested via Consulate of the Indian Embassy and Foreign Public Notary.

After uploading DIR-3 and the supporting files, the applicant pays the price inside the subsequent window screen. It must be paid through internet banking, credit card or NEFT. Manual(offline) payment isn’t always allowed.

C. Generation of DIN

Once the application fee is paid and the application is submitted, the system will generate an application number. Central Government will manner the application and determine the approval/ rejection.

If the DIN application is approved, the central government will communicate the DIN to the applicant inside 1 month.

If DIN application is rejected, it will e-mail the cause of rejection to the applicant and also will put the reason at the website. The applicant will get 15 days to rectify the purpose. If he rectifies such motives and is capable of fulfill the central authorities, he will be allocated DIN in any other case central government will label the utility INVALID.

D. Intimating DIN to business enterprise

Within one month of receiving DIN from the central authorities, the director has to intimate about his DIN to all companies where he’s a director.

The corporation will intimate RoC approximately DIN within 15 days from the date when the director intimates his DIN to the One Person company.

Failure of the director to intimate DIN to the employer or failure of the business enterprise to intimate RoC about DIN will result in penalties.

E. Form DIR-6

For changing any details mentioned inside the DIR-3 form/ SPICe with admire to Directors, then Form DIR-6 must be submitted online. With the form, the attested supporting report is also required to be submitted.

Reasons for Surrendering or cancelling the DIN?


The Central authorities may additionally cancel the DIN due to the following reasons:

1. If a replica DIN has been issued to the director

2. DIN was acquired by fraudulent means

3. On the loss of life of the concerned man or woman

4.The person has been declared unsound thoughts by the court

5.The individual has been adjudicated as insolvent

The director can also surrender the DIN in Form DIR-5. With the form, he has to post a announcement that he has never been appointed as a director inside the One Person Company and the stated DIN has by no means been used for filing any file with any authority. Upon verifying the e-records, the central authorities will deactivate the DIN.

Note that, once someone is appointed as a director in any company like One person Company as in step with the Companies Act 2013, he can not relinquish his DIN inside the future. Even if he doesn’t remain a director anymore in that company or in any other company like One Person Company, his DIN will exist because it is.

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