Difference between One Person Company and Sole Proprietorship in Coimbatore

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One person company registration in Coimbatore

An OPC or One Person Company is a crossover of sole ownership and friends, making another legitimate structure wherein an organization can be enlisted with only a solitary part. The sole individual from an OPC or One Person Company goes about as both the chief and investor of the organization. A business is registered as One Person Company or OPC to give it highlights of a sole ownership, with the restricted obligation and separate lawful character of an organization. The legitimate structure of One Person Company was presented by the Companies Act, 2013 to make it easier for independent ventures and new businesses to begin an organization in India. Section 2(62) sets out the meaning of One Person Company as an organization which has only one individual as a part. What is your exact need?. Here we discuss about Difference between One Person Company and Sole Proprietorship in Coimbatore in this article. Hope you all understand the concept after reading this article.


Process of One Person company registration in Coimbatore

There are different legitimate customs under corporate laws to enlist One Person Company in India. The legitimate method to enroll a one individual organization is:

I. Acquire a Digital Signature Certificate: One Person company registration in Coimbatore states that digital mark is an encoded electronic mark that can be utilized to confirm electronic archives. As a chief, the proprietor of a one individual organization must get a Digital Signature Certificate to enroll one individual organization. Records to get a Digital Signature Certificate incorporate Aadhar card, PAN card, address evidence alongside an email id and contact number.

II. Acquire the Director Identification Number (DIN): To enroll the One Person Company, a DIN or Director Identification Number must be gotten through Form DIR-3. Alongside the DIR-3 structure, a duplicate of address verification and name of the chief must be connected.

III. Get the Name of Company Approved: One Person company registration in Chennai states that the name of the organization must be chosen and sent for endorsement to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in Form INC-1. An aggregate of 6 names are provided in the particular request to the MCA for endorsement. A proprietor can possibly continue to enroll a One Person Company if the endorsement for a name is acquired from the MCA. (Counsel the best corporate legal counselors in Mumbai to know more)

IV. Archives Required for One Person Company Registration: To enlist a One Person Company (OPC), the accompanying records must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies:

  • Reminder of Association (MoA), which expresses the goals and points of the organization.
  • One Person company registration in Bangalore needs Articles of Association (AoA), which expresses the standing rules which will be trailed by the organization.
  • A chosen one must be selected through a From INC-3 for the chief on the off chance that the chief kicks the bucket or gets inadequate to play out his obligations.
  • One Person company registration in Coimbatore states that proof of the registered office, with a Non-Objection Certificate and verification of proprietorship.
  • An affirmation and assent type of the overseer of one individual organization in Form INC-9 and DIR-2.
  • One Person company registration in Hyderabad gives an expert revelation ensuring that all legitimate compliances have been made.

V. Endorsement from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs: One Person company registration in Coimbatore states that all the previously mentioned reports are transferred on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs site for endorsement. When these reports are transferred, Form 49A and 49B are created for PAN and TAN enlistment of the organization.

VI. Endorsement of Incorporation: The Registrar of Companies (ROC) gives a Certificate of Incorporation in the wake of checking all the archives.

Difference between Sole proprietorship and One Person Company


Limited and unlimited liability

A sole proprietorship experiences boundless obligation. This implies in the event that a business causes misfortunes, the benefits of the business firm as well as of the proprietor, will be utilized to take care of the obligations. Rather than this, one person company is a different legitimate element. Thus, the proprietor of this organization has limited liability towards its sole investor. As yet having the congruity of business and scarcely any constraints, a solitary business person can work corporate substance. It is essential to painstakingly consider the highlights and business structure of one individual organization before starting its consolidation.


A sole proprietorship firm is needed to get accounts inspected if the yearly turnover crosses as far as possible as indicated under the arrangements of the Income Tax Act. As opposed to this, the compliances are considerably more rigid on account of a one person company. This is on the grounds that the organization should record yearly returns and meet all the compliances that are obligatory for a private limited company. It would likewise need to get accounts altered in a similar way as done by a private limited company.


One Person company registration states that a sole proprietorship firm can’t be changed over into some other business structure. It will continue as before regardless of the incomes earned by it. On opposite, a one person company ought to compulsorily change over itself into a private limited company or a public restricted organization (by and large) if the normal yearly turnover for a long time surpasses the edge. This implies the second the normal yearly turnover of one individual organization surpasses INR 2 crore for the three sequential years or if the settled up share capital is well beyond INR 50 lakh, one should change over it into a public or private limited company.


One Person company registration in Madurai states that in a sole proprietorship firm, there is no qualification between the business firm and the proprietor. Thusly, progression is conceivable just through an execution of the Will. This could conceivably be tested in court. Then again, one person company must have a candidate assigned by its individuals with the end goal of progression. Just a characteristic conceived resident and an occupant of India will be qualified to be a candidate. This implies if there should arise an occurrence of death of the part; the individual from the organization will be running the organization. All in all, a one individual organization isn’t influenced by the demise of the part, it has proceeded with progression.

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