Things to know about One Person Company Registration

One Person Company: Now a days, Company registration in spitted into many types as per the Companies Act, 1956, and later it has been revised in 2013. It means a company which has only one member which is important to note that section 3 classifies OPC as a private company for all the legal purposes of the sole member. All the regulations are accompanied to the private company which is applied to an OPC,unless or otherwise expressly excluded. Though, one…

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How to convert an OPC into a Private Limited Company

Introduction about OPC An One Person Company (OPC) is ideal for an individual who runs a business by himself,wants to have effective control over all functions of the business and work in a corporate framework. Any entrepreneur who requires to forming the company with limited liability should register for OPC. An OPC can be eligible or registration minimum capital of just Rs 1 lakh. But if the paid-up capital(annual turnover) exceeds Rs 50 lakh, then the OPC must be converted…

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